What Do We Do?

We offer both WORKSHOPS and an ONLINE COURSE for college teachers on Integrated Course Design, a special way of designing courses that lead to greater student engagement and better student learning.  The conceptual framework for these workshops and courses is based on Dee Fink’s book, “Creating Significant Learning Experiences.” (Jossey-Bass, Updated Edition, 2013).

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Designing Significant Learning Experiences

Creating Significant Learning Experiences (Updated Edition, 2013)

International Translations

International interest in this book has led to translations into a number of other languages.



We offer campus-based workshops.  For more information on these workshops, see the tab on "Workshops".

Online Course

In 2012 we began offering an online course on "Designing Courses for Significant Learning".  This offered anyone, anywhere, the opportunity to learn about the Taxonomy of Significant Learning and the model of Integrated Course Design (ICD).

In 2014, we modified this course to reduce the time and cost.  The current version of the course lasts 2 weeks, costs $495, and is licensed out to Intentional College Teaching who offers it throughout the year.

  • This is a Facilitated Course which means each cohort of participants receives regular, individualized feedback on his or her work from an experienced Facilitator.

For more information about the current operation of this course, see:  http://www.intentionalcollegeteaching.org.

Related Website for Online Resources

For those who desire additional resources on "course design", we offer a website that contains multiple resources, forms, examples of good course design, and a listserv - all aimed at helping people learn how to design their courses well.  The URL for this website is:  www.designlearning.org

Who Are We?

Dee Fink & Associates is a small company consisting of five experienced workshop leaders who have undergone extensive training on Integrated Course Design.  Each of these individuals is available to lead campus-based workshops on this topic.

How Can You Arrange for a Campus Workshop?

Contact Dee Fink, head of Dee Fink & Associates, at:  dfink40@gmail.com.  He can arrange for one of the Associates to lead a workshop on your campus.  If you want to call him, his phone is:  405-364-6464.

How Do You Participate in the Online Course?

For information on how to participate as an individual yourself in the online course, or to enroll a group of faculty and/or staff from your campus, please visit Intentional College Teaching at www.intentionalcollegeteaching.org.  This is the company we (DF&A) have engaged to deliver this course.

"Integrated Course Design" Workshops Go International!

During the past several years, Dee Fink and Associates have been invited to lead course design workshops in:

  • South America:  Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay
  • The Middle East:  Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon
  • Europe:  Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Estonia, Denmark, Norway
  • Asia:  Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, Japan
  • Oceania:  New Zealand, Australia