General Information

General Information

Campus Workshops

The Associates can lead workshops for your faculty on course design with the possibility of two different foci.   The first is a general workshop on course design; the other is focused specifically on designing online or hybrid courses.


The consultants in Dee Fink & Associates have been offering this workshop for several years, and you can choose whether they do a half-day, whole day, and two day workshop.

In the half-day workshop, we can help participants…

  • See the significance of course design within the array of tasks involved in teaching,
  • Identify their own “Dreams” for student learning,
  • Introduce the overall model of Integrated Course Design,
  • Work on understanding and taking the initial steps toward applying the key components, and
  • See what happens when these ideas are used effectively, by examining some actual case studies.

In the whole day workshop, the participants are able to do all the above and…

  • Do more application activities with the key components, and
  • Begin to apply these ideas to one of their own courses.

In the two-day workshop, participants are able to do all the above and…

  • Work in small groups to design a hypothetical course, and then compare their various designs
  • Engage in a full application of these ideas to one of their own courses.
  • There is also time for us to answer questions that commonly arise when they get into the actual process of using these ideas.


Dee Fink & Associates also offers a 2-day campus workshop that provides faculty with information and practices important for designing or redesigning online or hybrid courses, based on the principles of Integrated Course Design and commonly accepted principles of instructional design for online and hybrid courses.

The themes that will be addressed in this workshop include the following:

    • Introduction to:  the workshop, Integrated Course Design, the Taxonomy of Significant Learning, and the task of formulating learning goals
    • Developing learning and assessment activities that are aligned with the course learning goals
    • Designing organizational and navigational strategies for an online or hybrid course
    • Using media and technology in an instructionally effective manner
    • Assessing the course  –  Next Steps

However, we almost always adapt the actual content of the workshop to the expressed needs of the local campus.

What Will Be the “Take Away’s”?

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

1. Be able to apply the principles of Integrated Course Design to any online or hybrid courses, so that students have a significant learning experience,

2. Be able to use tools and procedures that are unique to the online teaching environment, and

3. Have the beginnings of a good course design for one online or hybrid course.

Creators of These Two Learning Opportunities

LINDA JACOBY has over 25 years of experience designing and teaching multiple levels of face-to-face, hybrid and online college-level courses. For the past 10 years, she has been coaching faculty members on how to use the latest and most appropriate web technologies into their teaching and how to design quality online and hybrid learning experiences for their students.

STEWART ROSS was the founding Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Minnesota State University, Mankato.  He has presented over 100 workshops throughout the country on Integrated Course Design and other topics in the past several years.


For more information about any of these workshops, contact Dee Fink, the head of Dee Fink & Associates:


Phone:  405-364-6464 (in the USA)