D. Lynn Sorenson

D. Lynn Sorenson

Background in Faculty Development

  • Lynn has worked in faculty/instructional development for over 20 years.
  • She began her career in this field (1988 to 1992) working with Dee Fink in the Instructional Development Program at the University of Oklahoma.
  • In 1992 she moved to Brigham Young University where she helped establish the Center for Teaching and Learning and the Faculty Center, serving as a teaching-and-learning consultant and as assistant director.
  • During the 2013-14 academic year she served as visiting professor in faculty development and a professor of English at Ocean University of China (Qingdao, People’s Republic of China)

Workshop Experience

  • Lynn has been leading workshops for college faculty for many years on a wide variety of topics, including the following:
    • Designing Courses for Significant Learning
    • ”Hit the Ground Running” (teaching-and-learning strategies for new college teachers and teaching assistants)
    • Engaging Students through Active-Learning Strategies/Assignments
    • Teaching-and-Learning Metaphors
    • Using Formative Feedback to Enhance Teaching-and-Learning
    • Evaluating Teaching
    • Involving Students in Faculty/Instructional Development
    • Using Student Evaluations to Enhance Teaching and Learning
  • She has made conference presentations and led workshops in 20 states and many countries, including:
    • Tel Aviv University (Israel)
    • University of Western Australia
    • University of Ontario (CAN)
    • University of Tartu (Estonia)
    • Sheffield-Hallam University (UK)
    • Cambridge University (UK)
    • Napier University (Scotland)
    • American University of Technology (Lebanon)
    • Ocean University of China
    • Northeast Normal University (China)
    • Bejing Institute of Technology (China)
    • Tongji University (China)
    • Tianjin University (Shanghai)
    • Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Spain)
    • Universidad San Francisco de Quito (Ecuador)
    • Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería (Peru)
    • Universidad El Bosque (Colombia)

Note: Lynn led 2-day workshops in Spanish at the latter two universities.

  • Recent Workshop for DF&A:
    • Tennessee State University  (August 2016)
    • Prof. Joel Dark
    • jdark@tnstate.edu

Other General Information

Lynn has been deeply involved in faculty/instructional-development organizations in the US and internationally:

POD (Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education): Has served on its board of directors (the “Core” Committee) for two separate elected terms and as a program chair and overall conference chair for annual conferences; besides publishing in POD’s journal, she made dozens of presentations at POD conferences. In 2010 she received POD’s highest honor, the “Spirit of POD” award.

ICED (International Consortium for Educational Development}: Served as the overall conference chair for its bi-annual conference in 2008, and as a delegate to the ICED Council 3 times; she has made numerous presentations at ICED conferences.

Lynn has degrees in English, Secondary Education, and Human Relations from (respectively) San Francisco State University, University of California-Berkeley, and University of Oklahoma.

She has published more than 100 articles and book chapters, and has served on the editorial board of 5 different journals.

Recent publications

  • D. Lynn Sorenson & L. Dee Fink,  (Chapter 2) "Organizational Development and Institutional Effectiveness" in Faculty Development in a Changing World, (Song Wenhong, ed.), Qingdao, Shandong, PRC:  China Ocean University Press, 2013.
  • L. Dee Fink & D. Lynn Sorenson, (Chapter 18) “Instructional Consulting: A Guide for Developing Professional Knowledge” in Practically Speaking: A Sourcebook for Instructional Consultants in Higher Education (2nd ed.), Kathleen Brinko, ed. Stillwater, OK: New Forums Press, 2012. 
  • D. Lynn Sorenson (based on work with L. Dee Fink), (Chapter 1) “Faculty Developers/Instructional Consultants Developing Professional Expertise” (Chinese and English), in A Faculty Handbook on Teaching and Learning, Dong Yuqi et al, eds. Changchun, Jilin, PRC: Northeast Normal University Press, 2011.
  • David A. Whetten, Trav D. Johnson, & D. Lynn Sorenson, (Chapter 13) “Learning-Centered Course Design” in Management Learning, Education, and Development, Steven J. Armstrong and Cynthia V. Fukami, eds. London, England: Sage Publications, 2009.