General Information

General Information

Annual National Workshop

Each spring, Dee Fink & Associates  offers a two-and-a-half day workshop on Integrated Course Design, usually in late May. This workshop has two major features:

  • It is long enough (2.5 days) to allow participants to thoroughly do each step of the course design process.
  • We have Feedback Facilitators at each table of 6 participants, who give immediate feedback on the quality of the participants’ work.

The workshop enables participants to work either on designing  face-to-face courses or online/hybrid courses.

The general sequence of activities is to work through the basic steps in the Integrated Course Design process, one at a time. Within each step, participants  learn about the relevant ideas, apply them to one of their own courses, and review their work with the other participants in their group and the Facilitator. 

To learn more about the next National Workshop, follow this link.

Campus Workshops

Starting in 2011, the Associates can lead workshops for your faculty on course design with the possibility of two different foci.   The first is a general workshop on course design; the other is focused specifically on designing online or hybrid courses.

A.  GENERAL WORKSHOP on “Designing Courses for Significant Learning”

The consultants in Dee Fink & Associates have been offering this workshop for several years, and can do for different time lengths: half-day, whole day, and two days.

The most common length is the half-day workshop.  In this workshop, we can help workshop participants…

  • See the significance of course design within the array of tasks involved in teaching,
  • Identify their own “Dreams” for student learning,
  • Introduce the overall model of Integrated Course Design,
  • Work on understanding and taking the initial steps toward applying the key components, and
  • See what happens when these ideas are used effectively, by examining some actual case studies.

In the whole day workshop, the participants are able to do all the above and…

  • Do more application activities with the key components, and
  • Work in small groups to design a hypothetical course, and then compare their various designs.

In the two-day workshop, participants are able to do all the above and…

  • Apply these ideas to one of their own courses.
  • We can also answer questions that commonly arise when they get into the actual process of using these ideas.


This two-day workshop in intended for people who will be designing online or hybrid courses.  It includes training on the ideas and procedures associated with Integrated Course Design, and then goes on to address several issues connected to online instruction, e.g., determining navigational strategies, ensuring Access and Compliance, using media and technology, etc.

To see a fuller description of this workshop, click on this link:  Designing-Online-Instruction-2 Activities

NOTE:  A college or university may also arrange for a shorter, one-day campus workshop on this topic, followed by enrolling participants in our related online course that takes them  more thoroughly through this process.

For more information about either of these workshops, contact Dee Fink, the head of Dee Fink & Associates:


Phone:  405-364-6464 (in the USA)