The first is the book by Dee Fink: Creating Significant Learning Experiences (Jossey-Bass, 2003). This can be ordered online either via Jossey-Bass or

  • An "Updated Edition" of this book has been published in August, 2013.
  • The Taxonomy of Significant Learning and the model of Integrated Course Design have not been changed.  The examples, references, et cetera have been updated.

The second resource is a 37-page “Self-Directed Guide for Designing Courses for Significant Learning.” (click to download) This is intended as a “do it yourself handbook.”  It introduces each major step and then provides a workshop for applying that step to the design of a course. It is also frequently used as a pre-workshop reading assignment.  By reading the text (they don’t need to do the application exercises for this purpose), they get an initial overview of the basic ideas.  This allows the workshop leader to spend more workshop time on application exercises.

The third resource is a published collection of 10 essays in which the authors described (a) how they used the ideas of Integrated Course Design with specific subject-matter courses and (b) what happened to student engagement and student learning.  This publication is: Designing Courses for Significant Learning: Voices of Experience

        "Designing Courses for Significant Learning: Voices of Experience" and is Issue #119 in the Jossey-Bass Quarterly publication, New Directions for Teaching & Learning (Fall 2009).

As a result of high international interest in the ideas of Integrated Course Design, the original book has been translated and published in four other languages.  The links below will show the cover page and the copyright page for these translations.

Also, the Self-Directed Guide has been translated into five (5) other languages and we are pleased to make those translations available here in the links below: