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This two-week facilitated online course is intended for a broad audience including faculty, adjunct instructors and instructional designers who wish to learn how to design courses that go beyond lecture, memorization, “teaching to the test” and other forms of “information in and information out.”

Instructors who have used principles of Integrated Course Design provided in this course in the design of their own courses report greater student engagement, more long-term significant learning and increased instructor satisfaction for courses delivered in online, “face-to-face” and “blended/hybrid” formats.

  • Cost: $349 per participant 
  • No pre-requisites
  • Two weeks in length
  • Facilitated
  • Asynchronous
  • 20-25 participants per session

The course requires approximately 8-10 hrs/week to complete all coursework and activities; this may be done evenings and weekends as well as during weekdays.

Faculty who recently took the new course made the following comments about it:

This course is a must for anyone teaching higher education!”

“Overall the course was an excellent one.”

“Your feedback exemplified FiDeLiTy feedback and was spot on in pushing us to think more carefully about what we should be learning and how to apply it to our courses.”

“I appreciate the comments from the facilitators. I wasn't sure what a course facilitator would do but they turned out to be an important part of the course. The course itself is a nice example of the ICD model.”

Future Offerings:  

The course is offered once each month (except December).  It always begins on a Wednesday and ends on a Wednesday, two weeks later.  Registration closes the Friday before the course begins.  

The dates of the next several offerings are shown below:

  • February 11-25, 2015

  • March 11-25, 2015

  • April 8-22, 2015



To register for this course, you need to do two things:

  1. Arrange payment for the course.
    • Information for doing this is shown below, on this webpage.
  2. Create a login ID and a password, i.e., create an account.

After both these tasks have been accomplished, Dee Fink will electronically "Enroll" you in this course.  Once this happens, you will be able to login and see the course units.  You will login at:

Registration Fee:

For February 2015, we will still use a varied Registration Fee, depending on which region the registrant is from:

  • Advanced Economies (N. America, Europe, Japan, British Commonwealth countries) - $349 per person
  • Emerging Countries (Latin America, E. Europe, SE Asia, non-oil rich Middle East/North Africa) - $200 per person
  • East Asia, South Asia - $100 per person
  • Sub-Saharan Africa - $45 per person

Beginning in March 2015, we will go to one registration fee worldwide:  $349 per person.

Quantity Discount:  We also give 1 free registration for every 10 paid registrants from a given institution.

Payment Options:   There are 3 ways of paying for this course:  PayPal, credit card, and personal or institutional check.  PayPal can be done online, below.   Instructions for the credit card and sending a check are also shown below.

Have this form ready and call Dee Fink and Associates at 405-364-6464. Payment by phone can be made via Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.


Fill out this form and send it with the appropriate amount of payment. The check or purchase order should be made payable to “Dee Fink & Associates” and mailed to:  Dee Fink & Associates, 234 Foreman Ave., Norman, Oklahoma  73069.

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